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Croatia stretches across the Adriatic with more than 1,100 offshore islands. With its traditional Mediterranean cuisine, untouched forests and sandy beaches, Croatia is the perfect destination for a yacht charter throughout the year.
However, the best time to sail is from late March to late October.

Not least because of the constant winds in the summer, Croatia has become one of the most popular sailing destinations in Europe in recent years. To make the most of your trip to Croatia, you can book the available yachts directly online on the online booking platform of Yacht Charter Dagen. There is a large selection of sailboats, catamarans and motorboats.

Plan your trip with us to the picturesque islands of Bisevo, Vis, Budinovak and Hvar Stiniva as well as the beautiful cities of Dubrovnik, Split and Zadar. From the stunning Roman architecture in Split - do not miss to visit the Palace of Diocletian - up to a rich culture and cuisine in the countryside and in the Dalmatian archipelago. Taste delicious wild cherries in Croatia, the Lovran Asparagus, the famous Punat olives, the Kvarner scampi and Tdehe šurlice, local noodles. Wine lovers will love the selection of Croatian wines, especially Vrbnička žlahtina from Krk, Trojšćina Susak and Kastavska Belica Kastav.

Croatia Yacht Charter Regions

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Yacht Charter Split region  

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Yacht Charter Kvarner  

Yacht charter and boat charter from Dubrovnik

Yacht Charter Dubrovnik region  

yacht charter region Sibenik in Dalmatia

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Special offers Croatia

Lagoon 50 LUX

Discount € 2.475


Lagoon 50

Charter:01 Apr - 08 Apr 2023
Marina:Marina Frapa, Dubrov
Boat Type:Catamaran
Price:€ 7.425,00
€ 7.425,00€ 9.900,00Yacht page
Lagoon 42 Nuria

Discount € 1.483


Lagoon 42

Charter:01 Jul - 08 Jul 2023
Marina:Marina Frapa, Rogozn
Boat Type:Catamaran
Price:€ 6.967,02
€ 6.967,02€ 8.450,00Yacht page
Bavaria C50 Holiday Granat

Discount € 1.420


Bavaria c50 holida

Charter:29 Jul - 05 Aug 2023
Marina:Marina Trogir - SCT
Boat Type:Sailing yacht
Price:€ 6.670,20
€ 6.670,20€ 8.090,00Yacht page
Dufour 460 GL DOTTEREL

Discount € 1.370


Dufour 460 gl

Charter:01 Apr - 08 Apr 2023
Marina:ACI Marina Pomer
Boat Type:Sailing yacht
Price:€ 5.480,00
€ 5.480,00€ 6.850,00Yacht page
Bali Catspace Jenny

Discount € 1.349


Bali catspace

Charter:22 Jul - 29 Jul 2023
Marina:Komolac, ACI Marina
Boat Type:Catamaran
Price:€ 7.641,50
€ 7.641,50€ 8.990,00Yacht page
Excess 12 Kiss me Twice

Discount € 1.348


Excess 12

Charter:08 Apr - 15 Apr 2023
Marina:Marina Novi, Novi Vi
Boat Type:Catamaran
Price:€ 2.502,50
€ 2.502,50€ 3.850,00Yacht page
Bali Catspace OW 2223-01

Discount € 1.308


Bali catspace ow

Charter:12 Aug - 19 Aug 2023
Marina:Yachtclub Seget (Mar
Boat Type:Catamaran
Price:€ 7.412,00
€ 7.412,00€ 8.720,00Yacht page
Bavaria C50 Holiday Topas

Discount € 1.279


Bavaria c50 holida

Charter:24 Jun - 01 Jul 2023
Marina:Marina Veruda, Pula
Boat Type:Sailing yacht
Price:€ 6.010,60
€ 6.010,60€ 7.290,00Yacht page
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