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The following areas are ideal for a yacht charter in the Ijsselmeer from Holland: 

The IJsselmeer is for yacht charter customers in Germany a very interesting area, which is also from the west of Germany very well by car to reach.  The most beautiful starting points for yacht charter are in the marinas of Lemmer, Lelystadt, Stavoren and in Hoorn. 

The IJsselmeer in Holland (Netherlands) is the ideal starting point for yacht charter in Holland on the IJsselmeer or in the North Sea. As a sailing area it is a very interesting and varied sailing area, with partly high demands on the skipper's knowledge regarding navigation in the tidal waters of the North Sea. The best ports of call for yacht charter are in the Ijsselmeer such as Hindeloopen, Workum, Enkhuizen, Hoorn Makkum, Lelystad, Huizen, Harderwijk, Amsterdam. These harbour towns promise beautiful sailing trips on the Ijsselmeer in Holland. In the North Sea the following marinas or islands offer themselves with yacht charter on sail yachts: Harlingen, Texel, Terschelling, Den Helder. If you can plan more time for the yacht charter from the Ijsselmeer, very beautiful long sailing trips to England or through the English Channel also very beautiful sailing trips on your charter yacht to Jersey or Portsmouth are possible. For your charter on the Ijsselmeer you should have sailing experience and an official sport boat driving licence possibly also a VHF radio licence.

Sailing yacht charter in the Ijsselmeer and the North Sea

The Ijsselmeer is a separate area from the North Sea in the Netherlands. More specifically, the freshwater lake has been separated from the Zuider Sea to protect people living close to the coast and whose land below sea level has been flooded time and again.
Today, the Ijsselmeer, which is not really a sea, has also become a popular holiday destination for sailors from all over the world. That's why yacht charter there from the marinas in Lemmer, Lelystadt and Stavoren is very easy. There are many companies that earn their money with boat charter. Through them the holidaymaker can choose the right yacht for him and if necessary also be informed about lessons in the local soul school. Yachtcharter at the Ijsselmeer is also from Germany with the car very well to reach. Many boat charter providers have put their sailing yachts also for an online booking on the Internet.

After the successful conclusion of a charter contract nothing stands in the way of a sailing trip into the Ijsselmeer. The sailing area is a paradise for beginners as well as advanced sailors and their sailing yachts. Not as wild as the North Sea, the Ijsselmeer simply allows beautiful sailing.
Enkhiuzen, Lelystadt or Hoorn are only two of many places that are situated directly at the Ijsselmeer. Of course yacht charter is also possible there. And of course you can set off from them for an adventure sailing trip.
Besides, it is also possible to explore a wonderful nature in the vicinity - sometimes away from the sailing yacht and the Ijsselmeer. And also smaller lakes and marginal seas like Flevoland, the Sneekermeer, the Markermeer in Noord- Holland, Friesland, and the Overijssel are not far away - also these are worth to be discovered with the sailing yacht.

We are happy to answer all your questions about sailing proposals, yacht charter possibilities in Holland, as well as all questions about sailing on sailing yachts or catamarans.

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Bavaria Cruiser 37 Joëlle

Discount € 209


Bavaria cruiser 37

Charter:19 Sep - 26 Sep 2020
Boat Type:Sailing yacht
Price:€ 1.181,50
€ 1.181,50€ 1.390,00Yacht page
Bavaria Cruiser 40 Benno

Bavaria cruiser 40

Charter:26 Sep - 03 Oct 2020
Marina:Lemmer, Jachthaven
Boat Type:Sailing yacht
Price:€ 1.345,00
€ 1.345,00€ 1.345,00Yacht page
Bavaria Cruiser 50 Hera

Bavaria cruiser 50

Charter:19 Sep - 26 Sep 2020
Marina:Lemmer, Jachthaven
Boat Type:Sailing yacht
Price:€ 2.453,00
€ 2.453,00€ 2.453,00Yacht page
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